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What Is 211 and How Can My Organization Benefit?

There are many reasons why people dial 9-1-1… but many of those reasons are not emergencies. As a result, dispatchers and first responders often get bogged down in non-emergency situations instead of being able to respond promptly to the concerns that are truly emergencies.

That’s why an alternative, free, community dial-in resource was created to serve the non-emergency needs people everywhere have.

211 Ashland

211 Ashland is a free, confidential, locally-based information hub to assist community members in finding the help they need. People who call 211 will be able to ask any kinds of community related questions and be directed to the right resource for answers.

This is such a great way to make sure that residents all across Ashland County can find the answers they need to their non-emergency related questions. But a resource is only as valuable as the content that is put into it. We need more and more of the organizations in our community to sign up to be a part of 211 Ashland.

What Types of Organizations Benefit from 211 Ashland?

211 Ashland is a resource for community members to find answers to all kinds of questions. When you are a part of an organization, it’s easy to assume that everyone knows your services exist and how to reach you to take advantage of them. The reality is that most people don’t think about a service provider until they have a need, and when they have that need, they don’t even know where to begin.

211 Ashland is that starting point. The 211 Ashland service will listen to the question or concern of each caller and be able to quickly identify the appropriate service providers in our community who can help them take care of that need. No more late-night searching through websites trying to figure out where they should go and what they should do to get help. No more hours spent talking to administrators at each service organization only to find out the caller is ineligible for your services or worse, not even speaking with the correct agency.

If your organization provides educational services, counseling services, health services, environmental services, or disaster relief services, you are eligible to be a part of 211 Ashland. Submitting your 211 profile will relieve your office staff from fielding call after call from people who just don’t know what they’re looking for. It will allow your staff to focus on the parts of their job that matter most: taking care of your clients.

Help us make this resource a comprehensive, indispensable tool for Ashland County residents. Learn more and sign up today.