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Time to Update Your Ashland 211 Info

As the holiday season comes to an end, many people in our community will be seeking help for financial, emotional, mental, and social needs. Are the resources you offer in our community represented on Ashland 211?

Holiday Challenges that Bring Post-Holiday Needs

The stress (both good and bad!) and the financial strain of the holidays can be tough to recover from once the calendar turns over. In an effort to make Christmas merry, families often stretch themselves thin, use credit cards to make ends meet, and can sometimes struggle to get adequate food, pay their utilities, and more.

On top of meeting our physical needs, the holidays can also put a strain on our mental, social, and emotional needs. After all of the buzz of company parties, year-end celebrations, and family gatherings, there’s an almost inevitable slump and burnout, even if these gatherings are generally lighthearted and fun. Many of us have over consumed both food and beverages, abandoned our workout routines, slept less, and rested fewer hours than we had hoped.

Whether social, emotional, or physical, as people in our community start to evaluate their needs in the new year, make sure they can access the most up-to-date information for resources you offer through Ashland 211.

What Might Need to Be Updated on Ashland 211?

  • Operating hours after the holidays
  • New staff contact information
  • Upcoming events
  • New services you provide
  • Services you aren’t able to provide anymore
  • Revised qualifications for services you provide in 2023

If you have changes to make or aren’t sure if your information is up to date, visit ​​ to get listed or provide an update so we can keep this resource updated with comprehensive information to support our local community.