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The Holidays Are Over. Now What?

The joy and shimmer of the holiday season doesn’t seem to linger long after December ends, does it? Like the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, whatever we left behind to focus on the fun of Christmas and the New Year comes back to haunt us again in January. There is a whole range of needs in our community once the holidays end. First Call 211 Ashland can help you find the support you need, no matter what you’re looking for. There’s no reason to get the run-around, calling places that aren’t quite the right fit—211 specialists can help you get to the root of your problem quickly so you are connected with the best organization for answers. Every call is a real person who is there to listen, offer comfort and hope, and provide solutions no matter what you’re struggling with.

Here are just a few topics the agents at 211 can help you with now that the holidays are over:

Relief in a Time of Need

If times are tougher than you expected or your circumstances changed after the holidays, First Call 211 can help you find the support and services you need to help. Every call is confidential. If you’ve lost a job or lost another source of income, 211 can provide direction to organizations that can help with funding for your basic human needs, housing needs, food, utility support, and rent assistance.

Support and Care for You and Your Loved Ones

Sometimes, a trip home for the holidays or extended time spent with loved ones reveals unmet needs or changes in their circumstances that can leave us anxious and worried. First Call 211 can help you access drug and alcohol treatment, after-school programming for children, veteran support, help for seasonal depression and other mental health resources, weight loss support, health care, elderly care, or domestic violence help.

First Call 211 has access to an extensive database of services and resources available in our community to match your needs with the agencies that can help.

Things to Do in Ashland County

The holidays are often filled with plenty of activities to keep us busy, but as soon as the calendar turns over, the children’s concerts, Christmas light displays, baking, and hustling from stores to parties and back again comes to an end. In some ways, the end of the holiday season can offer a breath of fresh air and reprieve from the chaos, but eventually, the kids get bored again, and everyone develops cabin fever. What is there to do in Ashland to keep them, and you, occupied?

Reach out to 211 to find out about all of the area activities, from events at the local library to recurring programming offered by local organizations, like the Ashland Kroc Center or the Ashland YMCA. There’s always something to do in Ashland—it’s just a matter of finding out the details!

If you’re an organization in Ashland County that has support to offer, don’t miss out on this opportunity to broadcast your services and stay connected to the public’s needs. Learn more about First Call 211 Ashland or call 2-1-1 today to find the support you need today!