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Maximizing Your Agency’s Reach: How Listing with Ashland 211 Can Benefit Your Community

As a social service or community agency, you want to serve and help as many people as possible. Sometimes the most difficult part of this business is making people aware that your services are available. That’s why Ashland 211 is such a great addition to our community. Ashland 211 provides an easy-to-remember, non-emergency service number for residents and visitors of Ashland County to get quick answers to their questions.

That’s what’s good for consumers. What about your agency? Why is it important as an agency to list your services with Ashland 211?

Increased Visibility

Simply by listing your agency with Ashland 211, you raise your visibility in the community for those who call the number. Increased visibility means greater potential impact in the community.

Access to Referrals

211 is in some ways a local network of social service agencies, governmental entities, the United Way, and other community groups. When you’re connected to that network, your agency is more likely to receive referrals from individuals within those various networks.

Streamlined Communication

As more and more people turn to 211 for answers to their questions, fewer wrong or misdirected calls will have to be taken by your agency’s staff. With up-to-date and accurate information available through 211, Ashland 211 reduces the time your staff spends on calls and follow-ups. There’s also less likelihood of missed opportunities to serve someone in need.

Comprehensive Database

When your agency is part of the Ashland 211 database, you join a vast array of resources that help to complete a full snapshot of what our community has to offer, from service providers to nonprofits to volunteer opportunities. Your involvement demonstrates your organization’s commitment to the broader Ashland community.

Ability to Track Needs and Trends

As a central source of community service information, Ashland 211 also serves as a central source of data that can inform local agencies about emerging trends, needs, and potential gaps in service areas. This broader portrait of the community helps agencies make informed decisions about where they should invest their resources and how they should focus their efforts in the community.

So, what are you waiting for? Add or update your agency’s information to Ashland 211’s database today.