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Help for the Holidays in Ashland County

Generosity shines as one of Ashland County’s true virtues, especially at this time of the year. From coat drives to food boxes to Christmas gifts for children, there are loads of opportunities to give and to receive assistance around the holidays.

But whether you want to give or need to receive, where do you find this information?

Call 211!

First Call 211 Ashland can help you connect with the organizations that are making a difference this holiday season.

Need Help This Holiday Season?

Area organizations can help you secure new coats, boots, mittens, and more for you and your family. You can get help with food. You can even get help to make this holiday especially memorable for your children with gifts that might be out of your budget this year. Anyone can get down on their luck. When times are tough, we gather together to help each other out. If you need holiday assistance this year, don’t be afraid to call 211 to find out where you can go to help make ends meet this holiday season.

How to Help Others This Holiday Season

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to go to be able to give back to the community you love. There are lots of needs, and there are also lots of opportunities to support those needs. If you want to find out what’s being done to support families in Ashland County so that you can contribute to area causes, call 211 to connect with the causes that matter most to you.

Promote Holiday Support through 211

If you are hosting holiday fundraisers or providing support for those less fortunate during the holidays this year, you can promote your events and resources through First Call 211. The service is absolutely free, free to use and free to update. It’s a free resource for all of us! 

Visit to get listed or to update your listing to better represent the current needs and services available this holiday season.

Let’s make the spirit of the holidays in Ashland County shine brighter than ever this year! Call 211 to learn more about everything that’s happening this holiday season.