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Ashland Agencies, You Might Be Missing Out 

There are many agencies in Ashland County that have already connected with 211, but there are also some groups that aren’t part of the local 211 service yet. 

Maybe you aren’t sure if the service is really that valuable. Maybe you aren’t sure if it’s worth the time and energy to maintain this database. Can’t people get this information somewhere else?

But did you know that as of 2021, 17% of Ashland County residents do not have broadband internet in their homes? That means out of 52,316 individuals in Ashland County, 8,894 can’t just do a quick search online to find the support services they need. These individuals are just as likely or even more likely to need access to the support services our valuable agencies provide in our community. Those who do have internet access are at the mercy of their internet search provider to direct them to potential agencies that might be able to meet their needs, but only after hours of hunting online

It’s far easier to dial 211 and talk to an informed specialist who can point you in the right direction right away, when you need the help.

Who Are We Serving?

The purpose of our service agencies and organizations in Ashland County is to reach the underserved and impoverished, to help those in need, and to make the lives of those in our community better however we can. Why wouldn’t you want to utilize whatever means you can to reach and serve “the least of these”?

If you still aren’t sure, here’s what your agency is missing if you aren’t listed on 211:

Efficient Referral System

Local 211 services provide an efficient referral system that matches people in need with appropriate services and programs, reducing the workload of local agencies and ensuring that people get the help they need quickly.

Helpful Preventative Measures

Local 211 services are often the first point of contact for people facing difficult situations. Partnering with a local 211 service can help local agencies respond more effectively to prevent the situation from escalating into a crisis scenario, ensuring that people get the help they need when they need it most.

Improved Client Satisfaction

Ashland 211 eliminates the run-around clients can experience calling the wrong agencies in search of help. Working with a local 211 service can improve client satisfaction by ensuring that people are connected with the most appropriate resources, leading to better outcomes and increased trust in local agencies.

Access to Up-to-Date and Accurate Information

Local 211 services aren’t just for residents. 211 maintains a comprehensive database of community resources, making it easy for local agencies to access current and accurate information about services and programs in their area so you can also stay informed. At the same time, you don’t have to invest resources into maintaining your own database of resources, saving you money and energy.

Increased Visibility

With your information on 211, your organization will have greater visibility and connection to the people who need your services.

Increased Community Collaboration

Oftentimes the right hand of support services doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Collaborating with a local 211 service can help local agencies build partnerships with other organizations and stakeholders in their community, leading to increased collaboration and more effective service delivery.

Improved Data Collection and Analysis

Local 211 services collect and analyze data on community needs and service usage, providing local agencies with valuable insights that can inform their program and service planning. The more agencies that are involved, the better the data.

Increased Efficiency

By partnering with a local 211 service, local agencies can streamline their intake process, reduce wait times, and increase their capacity to serve more people.

Help us use Ashland 211 to its fullest potential by listing your services or providing an update. Learn more about Ashland 211’s benefits and services here.